Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai

The Vedanta Kesari – August 2013 issue


01. Editorial – The Pursuit of Desires — and Beyond
02. Why Celibacy? — A Hindu Perspective – Swami Tyagananda
03. The Art of Listening – Pravrajika Virajaprana
04. When God Himself was a Student
05. Entering the Himalayas — Lord Shiva’s Abode: A Pilgrimage to Almora – Pravrajika Brahmaprana
06. The Literary Vivekananda: Some Reflections – Panchapagesan K.
06. Dealing with Uncertainty – V. Kumar Murty

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    V.B.Ganatra, New York


    I have immensely enjoyed 3 articles : A Pilgrimage to Almora : by Pravrajika Brahmaprana ( 2012 ) in VK of of June–July–August, 2013.
    During the whole month of May, 1980, from Mumbai, we did leisurely pilgrimage,
    Haridwara, Rishikesha, Char Dhams : Yamanotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath :
    Utter Kashi etc. At Kedarnath, we got comfortable accommodation in Birla guest house.
    There was a heater in the room but we were advised not to use the same as it will consume oxygen of the air of the room. We had heavy woolens, but no match for biting,
    shivering cold. I was awake most of the night. It happened to be ” Poornima “. In the glow of full moon, the snowy mountains were shining in their heavenly glories, a solitary
    black bird, reflecting the moon light from its plumage, was flying hither and thither. I felt
    like opening the door and be in the lap of mother natur, but dare not do so. Next morning, myself, my wife and 10 year old son, walked along the path of the five
    Pandavs for ascending to the heaven. Draupadi is said to have fallen first. My wife
    questioned its rationale as being discriminatory to a wife. As we did not aspire to be in
    the hell or heaven, we returned after a while, imbibing the glories of snowy Himalayas.
    Then we came to Almora, stayed at Sri Ramakrishna– Vivekanand Kendra guest house
    for 4 days. The Swamis and Brahmacharies looked after us very cordially. We participated in daily programmes. Almora water was so heavy that it had to be boiled to
    the boiling point and we drank luke warm water. We had no car. We explored Almora on
    our two feet vehicle, visited Boshi Sen ‘s garden, Zulfikar Ali’s place etc. but we missed
    Lara Badrishah’s residence and Swamiji’s Krishna like photo, as we had no guide such as
    Pravajika Brahmaprana had. From Almora, we went to Mayavati Ashrama and stayed
    there for a week. It is an experience of a life time !
    V.B.Ganatra, now age 87, 630, First Avenue, 36 Th Street, Aprt.19M, New York, N.Y. 10016,
    U.S.A. : Mobile : Code no and 917, 673, 9918. With Pranams to you all.


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