Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai

Report of the 175th Birth Anniversary of Bhagawan Sri Ramakrishna – Day 5

5th day – 26th Feb 2012

Nara Narayana Seva day began with morning Mangala arti followed by Usha kirtan by Swami Atmajnananda.   Bajans and temple pradakshina was by Ramakrishna Sarada Samithi Trichy.   Sri Radhe Krishna Bajan Mandali a team of young boys and girls offered soulful music at 8 am.

Students of Balamandir of Ramakrishna Math presented an interesting account of Sri Ramakrishna`s life,the values dear to him and his adherence to truth aparigraha, love of all irrespective of barriers of any type – all in the form of short sweet narratives of 5 minutes .  They got a Birthday Cake for their friend Bala Gadhadar and cut it to greet him Happy Birthday.

Youth Convention

Over 500 youth who had already registered for the youth convention came in to Math campus with lot of enthusiasm to hear eminent speakers . Dr Ambika Kameswar  one of the speakers opened the theme of the Youth convention with  a hymn of Sankara that asks How does it happen  -Tathah kim  tathah kim .

Swami Atmashraddhananda welcomed the youth to the convention which had its theme AS long as I live ,so long do I learn.   He explained the genuine enthusiasm which Sri Ramakrishna had in learning new things from any one who came to Him .  His spirit of enquiry and urge to verify all truth by personal experience marked His uniqueness

Sri Vijay Menon International Trainer of Human Resources  cited 4 different real life personalities and their skills in acquiring ability, knowledge, love of fellow humans and the will to bear the suffering for the sake of others .  He cited case pf Pullela Gopinath the star Baadminton champion`s struggle to overcome  knee injury and the lesson he learnt from a foreigner who had immense faith and respect for our Indian values – Divinity of  River Ganga.   He cited  Wright`s assessment of Swami Vivekananda as the collective wisdom of all the dignitaries assembled at Chicago Parliament of Religions  and quoted the creativity of a budding Management Trainee when left in dirty lonely Bihar village.  This boy built structure in the minds of the villagers aand not on the ground

Swami Vidyanathananda-Mahaan Maharaj from Vivekananda University who had received the prestigious Shanthi swaroop Bhatnagar Award for Mathematics for the year 2011 , beganhis speech with the life of young Vivekananda . He cited 3 things from Swamiji`s life

Desire to know- Jignyasu

Desire to go beyond

Desire to enquire

Mahaan Maharaj quoted stories of Satyakama jabhala, Newton , and the urge to know from Nature

Questions were asked from various groups of students and other than the 3 speakers Swamini Krishna Priya Amba also explained process of learning .

Nara Narayana Seva was conducted at 12.30 pm .  175 leopracy affected people were honoured by the Math and worshipped as Narayana .  They were given new dress , garlanded offered flowers and deepa aradana was performed to them .  Prior to this in the meeting that explained the service activities done to them by Math since 1987.

Evening session witnessed a marvelous pictorization of life of Sri Ramakrishna by students of Ramakrishna Mission Students` Home.  Songs ,Dance weaved through incidents from Master`s life captured the appreciation of all .

A Public meeting was held in the Evening.  Swami Sukhadevananda Secretary Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College welcomed the gathering.   Swami Ilayapattam Marudhajalam Wwamigal of Perur Santhalinga Adigalar Adheenam addressed the gathering and expressed his love for Sri Ramakrishna and his message.

Padmabhushan Dr N Mahalingam Industrialist and Chairman SAKTHI groups pointed how he got inspiration fro reading Ramakrishna`s life and Ramakrishna Vijayam the Tamil journal .  He appreciated the spiritual ,educational and relief works done by the Math and Mission and pointed out how this proved to be service to Siva .  Pazha Karuppiah Member of the Legislative Assembly from Chennai Harbour constituency appreciated concept of Universal temple that harmonises all religions .  He criticized the current thinking  of people worshiping God for only material gains.Quoting from Vallalar, Poet Kannadasan, Ramayanam, and Tirukkural

Sri A K Ganguly the retiring Judge of the Supreme court replied to encomiums paid to him for his just judgements in sensitive cases of corruption, said that he received inspiration for truth only from the life and message of Sri Ramakrishna.He read out silent aspects from the life Sri Ramkrishna and traced his love for truth , courage and love of all our traditional values.The metaphors and anecdotes in the Gospel Of Sri Ramakrishna was underlined by the Justice.

Swami Gautamananda presented memontoes to the guests while Swami Satyjnananandaji Secetary Ramakrishna Mission Students Home proposed Vote of thanks

Sri Sukhi Sivam the popular exponent of scripture and literature spoke on Guruvum Thiruvum .  His lively talk with quotes from epics and day to day life incidents brought to light the message of Sri Ramakrishana


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