Value Oriented Moral Lessons – 4

Value Oriented Moral Lessons – 4

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by Swami Raghaveshananda

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Author: Swami Raghaveshananda
Language: English
Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math Chennai
Pages: 60
ISBN: 9788178235226
Binding: Paperback

What is education? And why do we get educated? We may say that the general aim of education is to secure degrees and by that means good jobs. Earning sufficient money gives the assurance of being able to lead a secure life. But education does not mean mere possession of degrees certificates jobs and wealth. According to Swami Vivekananda education should be ‘Man making and Character building.’

This can be achieved only by exposing the students to value-oriented education. It is interesting to note that when teachers and parents try to impart value education not only helps the students all-round personality development but also helps parents and teachers repent themselves. This gives them a sense of satisfaction and makes their lives happier and more meaningful. Value education helps an individual to equip himself with spiritual values so that you may face the trials and tribulations of human existence with equanimity.

All knowledge is within. All that the teachers and parents actually do is to help bring out that knowledge. Similarly all good and bad tendencies are latent in the hearts of young. Parents and teachers should help them root out the bad tendencies and develop the good. Spirituality plays a great role in developing the character of the young.

What the children today need is a philosophy to live by. Thy need to be illustrated with interesting incidents examples and insights to help the students reach excellence and reap success. An attempt has been made in this booklet in this direction and we hope it will be a source of inspiration to those who are to mould the character of the young.


  1. All Power Is Within
  2. Discovery Of Gravitation
  3. Where Is The Power?
  4. Think not you are weak
  5. Truthfulness
  6. The King And The Prisoners
  7. Goddess of truth
  8. Forgiveness
  9. Forgiving Is Greatness
  10. Compassion
  11. The Compassionate Mohammed
  12. Live For Others
  13. Fearlessness
  14. Valour Even In Childhood
  15. The Brave Jhansi Rani
  16. Hard Work
  17. A Determined Mind
  18. Do Not Fear Examinations
  19. Exercise For Health
  20. Out To Do These Exercises


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