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Antaryogam Audio Lectures – July 2014

Antaryogam – A three day spiritual camp for adults, was conducted at the Math from 25-July 2014 to 27th July 2014. As a part of the camp, guided meditation, bhajans, spiritual talks, music and drama presentations were organised. At the end of the day, a homa was conducted for the participants.

 Some of the lectures published below

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Swami Ramakrishnananda Jayanti Audio Discourses & Music – July 24, 2014

The 152nd Birth day Tithi puja of Swami Ramakrishnananda was celebrated with Special Puja and Homa at the Math on Thursday, 24th July 2014.


Srimat Swami Gautamanandaji Maharaj delivered a wonderful speech detailing the life and teachings of Srimat Swami Ramakrishnanandaji Maharaj in English. Swami Atmapriyanandaji spoke in Tamil on the importance of sharanagati or total dependance on the grace of God as practised by Swami Ramakrishnanandji Maharaj. Swami Harivratanandaji beautifully etched the life and teachings of Srimat Swami Ramakrishnanandaji Maharaj in a Tamil Musical story-telling presentation (Kathakalakshepam). Members of the HarikripaMandali presented a beautiful rendition of the Divyaprabandam in music form.

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Guru Purnima Discourse by Srimat Swami Gautamanandaji – July 12, 2014

Guru Purnima was celebrated at our Math on July 12, 2014.

In the evening Srimat Swami Gautamanandaji Maharaj gave a succinct discourse on the importance of accepting the right guru and surrendering ourselves to him, in order that we may realise God. A wonderful explanation of the dictum – Tad viddhi pranipatena pariprashnena sevaya.

Duration: 50 min

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Click here to view the video lecture.

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Swami Vivekanandarin Bhakti Yogam Lecture Series by Swami Buddhidananda

Love in its varied aspects is the motive force behind all the actions of living beings. But love takes its highest form when directed towards the God. Among the different paths leading man towards the attainment of the Supreme Truth is the one of love, devotion, and complete surrender. In this book Swami Vivekananda expounds how this path of Bhakti leads man to God. Being an exposition by one of the pioneers in the religious and spiritual realm of the modern times, the value of this work need not be emphasized. Lucid, simple, and to the point, the words of the Swami touch the hearts of the readers and puts them on to the divine path of love supreme.

Swami Buddhidananda, a monk of the Ramakrishna Order will deliver the weekly lecture in Tamil on Swami Vivekanandarin Bhakti Yogam, every Thursday at the Math Auditorium. The lecture will begin at 5.30 pm. All are welcome. Please refer to the monthly calendar for more information

Chapter 1: Bhaktiyin Ilakkanam (Defenition of Bhakti)

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NameSizePlay Time Hits
14-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap1-Lecture-14-2014-01-0234.9 MiB50:49142
13-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap1-Lecture-13-2013-12-1933.7 MiB49:0469
12-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap1-Lecture-12-2013-12-1233.3 MiB48:2667
11-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap1-Lecture-11-2013-12-0533.0 MiB48:0571
10-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap1-Lecture-10-2013-11-2133.7 MiB49:0596
09-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap1-Lecture-09-2013-11-0733.6 MiB48:5385
08-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap1-Lecture-08-2013-10-3136.8 MiB53:3687
07-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap1-Lecture-07-2013-10-2436.7 MiB53:2684
06-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap1-Lecture-06-2013-10-1735.3 MiB51:2586
05-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap1-Lecture-05-2013-10-0334.0 MiB49:2687
04-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap1-Lecture-04-2013-09-2634.6 MiB50:2593
03-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap1-Lecture-03-2013-09-1934.8 MiB50:44105
02-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap1-Lecture-02-2013-09-1236.3 MiB52:53111
01-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap1-Lecture-01-2013-09-0537.6 MiB54:46206


Chapter 2: The Philosophy of Ishwara (Kaduvul Tattuvam)

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NameSizePlay Time Hits
31-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap2-Lecture-17-2014-07-3131.1 MiB29
30-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap2-Lecture-16-2014-07-1733.2 MiB48:2232
29-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap2-Lecture-15-2014-07-1037.2 MiB54:0626
28-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap2-Lecture-14-2014-07-0333.8 MiB49:1054
27-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap2-Lecture-13-2014-06-2633.4 MiB48:3945
26-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap2-Lecture-12-2014-06-1933.4 MiB48:3934
25-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap2-Lecture-11-2014-06-1234.0 MiB49:2736
24-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap2-Lecture-10-2014-06-0530.8 MiB44:4951
23-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap2-Lecture-08-2014-05-0333.2 MiB48:2267
22-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap2-Lecture-08-2014-04-2637.4 MiB54:2361
21-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap2-Lecture-07-2014-04-1933.1 MiB48:1162
20-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap2-Lecture-06-2014-04-1233.2 MiB48:2272
19-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap2-Lecture-05-2014-04-0536.2 MiB52:4473
18-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap2-Lecture-04-2014-03-0634.1 MiB49:3892
17-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap2-Lecture-03-2014-02-2030.4 MiB101
16-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap2-Lecture-02-2014-01-1633.9 MiB49:25112
15A-Bhakti-Yogam-Chap2-Lecture-01-2014-01-0935.6 MiB51:53134

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Srimad Bhagavatam Lecture Series (Tamil) by Swami Paramasukhananda

The Srimad Bhagavata (or Srimad Bhagavatam) is one of the few main Puranas and a great Book on Bhakti (devotion). It consists of 18000 verses and is regarded as an encyclopedia of spiritual philosophy. Attributed to the sage Vyasa the Bhagavata (also Bhagavatam) illustrates religious truths with stories of ancient India’s saints, seers and kings. The book also deals in part with the life of Lord Krishna.

Swami Paramasukhananda, a monk of the Ramakrishna Order will deliver the weekly lecture in Tamil every Tuesday at the Math Auditorium. The lecture will begin at 5.30 pm. All are welcome. Please refer to the monthly calendar for more information

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Lectures In English by Swami Paramasukhananda

Discourse in English on the Various Topics by Swami Paramasukhananda

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NameSizePlay Time Hits
20-Satyameva-Jayate-Part-14-2014-06-2936.7 MiB44
19-Satyameva-Jayate-Part-13-2014-06-1538.3 MiB55:4821
18-Satyameva-Jayate-Part-12-2014-04-2735.7 MiB51:5566
17-Satyameva-Jayate-Part-11-2014-04-2040.8 MiB59:2260
16-Satyameva-Jayate-Part-10-2014-04-1337.1 MiB53:5966
15-Satyameva-Jayate-Part-9-2014-04-0637.4 MiB54:2962
14-Satyameva-Jayate-Part-8-2014-03-3037.0 MiB53:5365
13-Satyameva-Jayate-Part-7-2014-03-2338.7 MiB56:1977
12-Satyameva-Jayate-Part-6-2014-02-2339.8 MiB57:5870
11-Satyameva-Jayate-Part-5-2014-02-1640.2 MiB58:3492
10-Satyameva-Jayate-Part-4-2014-01-2636.6 MiB53:16103
09-Satyameva-Jayate-Part-3-2014-01-0540.0 MiB58:10123
08-Satyameva-Jayate-Part-2-2013-12-0841.2 MiB59:60123
07-Satyameva-Jayate-Part-1-10-11-1350.8 MiB156
06-What-Belongs-to-Us-24-11-201336.8 MiB53:32106
05-All-That-Is-Here-Is-Sacred-27-10-201336.5 MiB53:05112
04-Finding-Infallible-Entity-20-10-201338.0 MiB55:15109
03-Is-God-a-Matter-of-Belief-Part-2-22-9-201336.2 MiB52:42136
02-Is-God-a-Matter-of-Belief-Part-1-15-9-201338.6 MiB56:08185
01-A-Unique-Prayer-18-8-201339.4 MiB204

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