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Flood Relief

Dear Friends and Well-wishers Donate Online for Chennai Flood Relief 2015: Due to unprecedented rainfall of 120 centimeters at Chennai breaking the 10 year old (1918) record, People in Chennai are in want of food and basic amenities like hot food, milk, drinking water, petrol/diesel, medical support etc. Many of lakes and water reservoirs were broke open making the water flow inward into the residential areas. Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai provided primary relief in nearby areas where people were suffering from want of food. The cooked food was distributed for 6000 people on December 2nd, 2015 in the areas nearer to the seashore – Pattinappakkam, Srinivasapuram and Nadukuppam. On December 3rd 2015, cooked food was distributed for 4000 people with the financial support of Devotees in the areas of Ramakrishnapuram, PNK Gardens and Sundaragramani and Slaterpuram. The monastic inmates (Swamis and Brahmacharins) along with the volunteers and Ramakrishna Mission students home boys were involved from vegetable cutting to food distribution at the affected areas. Also, 100 Mats and Blankets for families affected in slum areas near Triplicane. On December 4th, 2015 Hot Tea is planned to be served for corporation employees, auto rickshaw drivers and police tirelessly serving the public. We kindly request friends, well-wishers and devotees to donate liberally for the above cause.

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Chennai Flood Relief Report as on Dec 4th 2015