Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai


If the poor boy cannot come to education, education must go to him.  There are thousands of single-minded, self-sacrificing Sannyasins in our own country… If some of them can be organised as teachers of secular things also, they will go from place to place, from door to door, not only preaching, but teaching also… They can teach a great deal of  astronomy and geography to the ignorant.  By telling stories about different nations, they can give the poor a hundred times more information through the ear than they can get in a lifetime through books.
—Swami Vivekananda

Educational Activities

1. Sri Ramakrishna Math National School
2. Sri Ramakrishna Math Vivekananda Centenary Girls Higher Sec School
3. Sri Ramakrishna Centenary Library
4. Vivekananda Book Bank
5. Vivekananda Cultural Centre (VCC)